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Children and Youth

Children and Youth

Children and Youth

What we do for and with kids is one of the most important things we do as a church.

Our guidance begins at childhood and shines brightly as our children and youth grow. Asbury United Methodist Church takes an active role in the lives of our children/youth, just as the lives of our kids should take an active role in the church. It’s all about helping them build strong relationships with God and with one another.

Young Disciple’s (Children’s) Time

Children are included every Sunday within the Worship Service. Young Disciple’s Time is an important part of every service. It’s so fun to see and laugh with every amazing child. Their joy and their eagerness to learn is a contagious blessing!

For Halloween 2021, the kids enjoyed participating in “Table n’ Treat” right after church. In their costumes, they collected candy from various tables across the Sanctuary and Rotunda. Such fun!

Children’s Music

Singing a joyful noise to the Lord is where it’s at! Music for children, whether it be singing or playing an instrument, is part of the wonderful Musical Ministry at Asbury. Please see Music Ministries for more specific information on what is readily available to kids at Asbury UM Church.

Contact Michelle Rudd, Director: 315-777-6174


The acolyte, a child approximately 6-12 years old, lights the candles at the beginning of the Main Sunday Service and puts out the candles at the end of the service. Children are trained to participate in acolyte duties. Children learn that the light is carried into the worship service as a symbol of Jesus coming into the presence of our worshipping community. At the end, the light is carried out into the world to show that Jesus Christ is for all people everywhere.

Contacts: Shepherdess

Pam Quimby: or 315-767-7105                                                        
Bonnie Peck: or 315-788-4499 

Kids Love Mission Projects

Sarah Lehman, our Sunday School Superintendent frequently works in tandem with the Missions Committee so that our kids can have meaningful experiences with mission projects. Everyone is invited to participate or to help with various projects – from coat collections, to Christmas angel trees, to ringing the Salvation Army bell, to supporting the CROP Walk, etc.

Contact: Sarah Lehman: 315-767-2641

Nursery Care

Our certified nursery staff engages with your children in a safe, age-appropriate way. We will play, feed them, read to them, and change them if needed.

When you come on Sunday morning, the nursery is located in room 29 of the New Day wing across from the childcare office. An usher will be happy to show you the way. You will sign in, quickly complete paperwork, and be handed a pager just in case we need to contact you during the service.

The nursery is open and ready for you starting at 9:30 am.

In the Summer, nursery care is for infants – Age 5.

Ages 3 – Kindergarten

We have lots of fun engaging your children in play activities, reading stories, stacking, and a lesson that helps them learn about God and Christ. Our goal is for your children to understand some basic ideas – that God and Jesus loves them, God made everything, and that Jesus wants to be their forever friend.

Sunday school begins after “Children’s Time” in the Main Sunday Service, appropriately 10:30 A.M. 

Contact:  Michelle Rudd: 315-777-6174

Grades 1-3

This is where our children start learning about the great, well-known bible stories. We want all the children to know that they can talk directly to God through prayer, that bible stories are meant to help them make good choices, and that God is good and can be trusted throughout their lives.

Sunday school begins after “Children’s Time” in the Main Sunday Service, appropriately 10:30 A.M. 

Contact: Michelle Rudd: 315-777-6174

Grades 4-8

We enjoy guiding kids to take ownership of their own faith and learn how they can be more like Jesus.   Bible stories and passages are now likened to their own lives and the daily choices they make at school, with their family, and in their friendships.  We encourage kids to build strong relationships with one another because church friendships help to make them more focused and stronger as Christians.

Sunday school begins after “Children’s Time” in the Main Sunday Service, appropriately 10:30 A.M. 

Contact: Michelle Rudd: 315-777-6174

Vacation Bible School 

No matter where you live and regardless of whether or not you go to church, Vacation Bible School (VBS) is fun and enlightening for all who attend each summer. Each VBS has an intriguing theme that intertwines interesting bible stories.

VBS 2022 was held Tuesday, August 2nd thru Friday, August 5th 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. each night for ages entering Kindergarten thru 6th grade. The program was “Monumental: Celebrating God’s Greatness!” by Group Publishing.

VBS 2023: Stay tuned. More information will be coming in Spring 2023.

Questions: contact Michelle Rudd: or 315-777-6174

Summer Camping

Camp Aldersgate in Brantingham 

Information for summer 23′ coming soon!

If your child is interested, please contact me to register your child for a life-changing experience.

Contact:  Lynn Morgan at 315-493-2637