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Music Ministries

Let Your Spirit Soar

Let Your Spirit Soar

Music of all styles are welcome and appreciated at Asbury because music provides joy, fills our souls with the Spirit and lifts our hearts.

We have choirs and handbell ringing for both children and adults as well as praise bands, instrumental ensembles, and soloists.  If you’re musical, we guarantee there’s something for you here!  Please continue scrolling to answer all your questions about practice schedules and points of contact.


Meets Thursday 7:30 pm (Sept. – June)

Enjoy singing? Consider singing with Asbury’s Chancel Choir. We are a group of people who love to sing and praise God through our voices. We sing during the 10:15 Main Sunday Service (Sept.-June). 7th grade and older are welcome to join the choir. You just be fully vaccinated to join. 

Rehearsal Time:  Choir practice is Thursday at 7:30 P.M. in the downstairs Choir Room.  A shorter warm-up practice happens at 9:30 A.M. on Sunday in the Choir Room. Come join us!

Contact: Catherine Mowers, 315-778-5315 or via email:

Children’s Choir

Suspended due to COVID-19

Meets After Church (Sept.- June)

Children’s Choir is fun for all children who like to sing and hang out with other kids. Children can grab a quick snack after Sunday School and head right to Children’s Choir. All kids are invited, grades kindergarten and above.

Rehearsal Time:  Sundays (September – June): Immediately after the 10:15 AM service

Contact Michelle Rudd, Director, 315-777-6174

Asbury Hand Bell Choirs

Asbury UM Church has 2 adult handbell choirs. Keep scrolling to see what’s also available for children!

The ‘Asbury Ringers’ is an advanced handbell group and plays about once a month during the main Sunday morning worship service.
Rehearsal Schedule:  Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. (in the Sanctuary) with Jenny Whitenack.

Agape Ringers’ is a beginning to intermediate adult handbell choir, which also plays about once a month. Occasionally, the group will play at nursing homes, Urban Mission or other community locations.
Rehearsal Time:  Thursday at 6:15 p.m. (in the Sanctuary) with Lynn Morgan

Contact: Lynn Morgan- email: ; phone: 315-493-2637

Voices of Praise Band

Once a month, the Voices of Praise Band leads the main worship service with inspirational praise music. The Voices of Praise Band provides guitar, keyboard, percussion, bass, and vocal music for the service.  Please call if you are interested in being part of the inspiration and fun!

Rehearsal Time:
8:15 P.M. – the Thursday before each scheduled Sunday performance

Contact: Melanie Rafferty at 315-783-1105 or

Children’s Handbell & Chime Choirs

Suspended due to COVID-19.

Asbury offers kids both wonderful learning and team experience with Handbells and Chimes 

Junior Ringers – is a handbell choir for children in 3rd grade and older.
Rehearsal Time:   Thursdays 4:00 pm in the Sanctuary (Sept. – June)

Children’s Chime Choir – is for children in Kindergarten thru 2nd grade.
Rehearsal Time:   Sundays after Worship and after Children’s Choir, approximately 11:45 – 12:15 am in the Church Chapel.

Contact: Lynn Morgan- 315-493-2637 or email: 

Praise Band (Wind Instruments)

Suspended due to COVID-19.

Thursday, 5:30 pm

We welcome new members to join the Praise Band.  We open the main Sunday Service once a month with a wide variety of music that lifts praises to the Lord by making a joyful noise with wind instruments and piano (keyboard).

If you have 2 or more years of playing experience with an instrument, come join us!

Rehearsal Time:    Thursdays at 5:30 pm

Contact: Catherine Mowers at 315-778-5315 or

Special Music

Soloists & Small Groups

If you are a soloist, singer or an instrumentalist, Asbury Church is probably the perfect place for you!  Soloists and small groups often provide special pieces as part of the diverse and talented musical ministry of Asbury UM Church. Teens are also encouraged to sing or play an instrument for Sunday Services.

Contact: Catherine Mowers at 315-778-5315 or